Cooking with Annie at Gerhards Minnetonka


Thank you to everyone that attended our second Cooking with Annie event at the Gerhards Store in Minetonka, MN! Annie prepared Spaghetti Carbonara and Pumpkin Fudge. She also recomended different wine parrings that complimented her Spaghetti Carbonara. Annie will be continuing to visit other Gerhards locations cooking up delicious recipies and letting us in on her kitchen tips and tricks. Make sure to check out our Events Page or sign p for our Monthly Newsletter so you don't miss out.

During our Cooking with Annie event we asked Annie a few questions about her recipies. Here is what she had to say.

We're serving wine today. What did you recommend?

For a white wine, we have a Chablis and for red we have a California Pinot Noir. These wines are good compliments as lighter wines with low acidity that won't over power the lighter dish.

You mentioned carbonara is a very versatile dish. What are some variations you recommend?

This recipe uses bacon but you could use a pancetta or any kind of meat. Or you can make it vegetarian without the bacon or serve it with salmon to add some protein.

Why is carbonara a dish you enjoy cooking?

What started me with carbonara is my husband and I went to Italy and in Murano we went to a small fisherman's cafe where we orders the most outstanding carbonara. When we got home we were searching for the best recipe. This is my compilation of the the search.

Some people are intimidated by cooking candies. What are your tips for making candies and sweets?

Find a good recipe that you know works whether it's your grandmas recipe or a reputable chef's recipe. It's key to hit the temperatures so make sure you have a thermometer. The higher the temperature the harder the candy. A good heavy pot is important to heat the ingredients evenly.

I like fudge with nuts. Is it possible to add nuts to this recipe?

Definitely. You can always be creative and add to or change a recipe. I would add pecans or really any nut. Crushed ginger snaps can be stirred in or you could stir in chunks of white chocolate.

Sometimes making candy is messy. Any good tips for cleanup?

If there is melted sugar around the edges of your pan, fill it with water, bring it to a boil and it will dissolve the sugar. 

We also asked Annie about kitchen tips and tricks and her thoughts on different topics including best kitchen tools, her favorite recipes and restaurant insider info.

What's your best knife tip?

Make sure whatever you're cutting has a flat side to it so it doesn't roll around. For example, if you're cutting a carrot cut it so there is a flat side first by cutting it in half. Also make sure there is something under your cutting board to it doesn't slip or move on your surface. I use a damp sheet of paper towel but a washcloth or rubber mat would work as well.

What is one of your favorite kitchen tools?

I use a silicone liquid measuring cup constantly. It's great for sticky liquids because they come out easily. You can get a smaller one that measures teaspoons and tablespoons which is very helpful. They're also really easy to clean.

What is one of your favorite kitchen fixtures?

I have an Elkay stainless sink in my own kitchen that is wonderful. It's really deep so I can fill a whole pot of water but it cleans well and is quite durable.

What is your best tip about cooking pasta?

Always add enough salt to the water so it tastes a bit salty. But wait to add the salt until the water is almost or just boiling to protect the bottom of your pots from pitting. If you add the salt at the beginning it sits at the bottom until it dissolves which can damage your pots. I assisted with a Master Chef exam while I was at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park and the chef at the exam liked his water "as salty as the ocean." I tend to think that's overly salty but just goes to show how much salt can be used. (The Master Chef exam is the highest level of culinary achievement possible. There are only around 100 Master Chefs in the US and most people who start the exam fail before they're able to finish the seven day test.)

What is one of your favorite recipes?

Mile High Baloney Pie. You fry thick cut German baloney in a pan. Set it aside and cook sliced potatoes, onions and carrots until soft and then add peas. Put the vegetables in a pie crust, top with the baloney and then a top crust. You can make your own crust or use store bought. Bake it at 375 degrees for 30 minutes. It's an excellent dish to bring when a neighbor has a baby or isn't feeling well. It's delicious comfort food!

What tips do you have for baking?

Don't over mix the ingredients. Your ingredients should be lumpy when you're done. You know you've over mixed your ingredients if your cake or brownies are tough. If you mix the batter smooth you begin to activate the starches and enzymes too soon and you won't get a light, fluffy result.

What kitchen fixture in your home is the most useful?

I love my kitchen faucet. I have a Kohler HiRise faucet with a separate side spray. The big gooseneck on the HiRise fits pretty much everything underneath and it looks beautiful. I've had it for years and I've been really happy with it!

What's a great kitchen tool we should buy?

I like non-stick baking mats. Food doesn't absorb into them so you can bake fish on one, wash it and use it right away for cookies and you won't get any flavor transfer. At the same time, they're really easy to clean. I use Silpat is one brand that I use but there are many options.

Give us some restaurant insider info.

Restaurants make salads in a bowl including adding and tossing the dressing and then plate the salad. This keeps the salad from getting too soggy and overdressed. Salads should be lightly coated but not dripping with dressing.
Everything in a professional kitchen is cooked by time rather than temperature. When chef comes in, the oven is turned to 500 and that's it. There is typically a separate pastry oven, though, for things like breads, cakes and desserts. 

What's your favorite recipe for a quick week night dinner?

I just experimented with Hawaiian meatloaf and it was a hit at my house. My four year old and two year old even loved it. Mix teriyaki sauce, garlic, ginger and a little Worcestershire sauce with ground meat. Put it in a loaf pan and top with sweet & sour sauce. Bake it at 400 for 30 minutes and serve with roasted potatoes. It made tasty sandwiches that my husband and I took to work the next day, too.

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