Omega/Dynasty Fall 2015 Product Launch

Introducing the new Omega/Dynasty Fall 2015 Product Launch

Omega Cabinets are known for their high quality, hand crafted, solid wood construction that offers luxury to both the kitchen and bath. Kitchen and bath cabinets that are built by Omega tend to last a bit longer, and come standard with all the major bells and whistles. Lazy Susan’s, custom textures and finishes, rotating cabinets, custom spice holders and more are just common type of additions that Omega Cabinets offers.  Functionality is a big part of Omega cabinet offering.  Each design helps cooking enthusiasts reach new creativities by organizing their tools in a way to fit their individual needs. Omega is a division of MasterBrands and has helped MasterBrands grow its reputation by offering high-end, fully customizable cabinets.


Here's what Gerhards Designers have to say about the new Omega line:

"Omega’s addition of species match drawers and pullout trays is a delightful addition Omega’s extensive line of cabinetry. Adding a natural walnut or quarter sawn oak drawer box to your cabinetry is a great way to add a subtle yet affordable touch of luxury to any kitchen or bath! We can even match the interior of your cabinet to the drawer box to finish the look."

Jeremy B.A.
     Madison, WI


"Omega has always been known for their superior quality and endless options.  It is nice to see the details of Omega that has always been present being even more enhanced.  This is shown in a several different ways including matching wood species on the drawers, additional pull out options, added door styles, multiple wood species, and stain colors.  The focus coming back to beauty as well as function is a must for today’s homeowners.  It will be easy for the homeowners to ‘Embrace Omega’." 

Cheryl C.
    Brookfield, WI


"As designers, new colors and styles are our inspiration!  This Fall season is exciting with the new Full Access textured laminates!  Drift, Old Barn, Otter and Peregrine – colors in the new Nella door!  Woodsy with a modern feel!   Very exciting!"

Holly C.
     Rhinelander, WI


“The new textured laminates can add a modern flare to any kitchen update all at an affordable price. I love the new Labrador finish an added chic touch to any kitchen or bathroom. Soft close is a must to any drawer or pull out. Omega’s interior storage options are suitable for any kitchen”

Lizzie H.
     Kenosha, WI

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