Bathing Beauties

While showers rule morning routines, freestanding tubs have become the must-have in spa-inspired bathrooms. Their shapely forms inject instant drama into any bathroom. The tub has literally become a piece of functional art for the bath.

In medium to large size bathrooms, homeowners are installing freestanding tubs as centerpieces and swapping their corner or alcove tubs making way for roomier tricked out showers. In tighter quarters, some are borrowing closet space or opting for compact models. In my own master ensuite, we replaced a built whirlpool tub with Kohler’s free standing Abrazo tub and WOW - an amazing transformation. Although the room is the same size, it appears much larger. The free form shape of the tub has replaced all of those 80’s mirrors and is now the artistic focal point.

If you haven’t shopped for a new bath in years, you’ll be impressed to see how much effort is being put into the style and functionality. The retreat bath experience has definitely evolved from the 90’s corner unit garden tub to the high design of the freestanding tubs and water therapy providing improved relaxation, health and well-being.  

We have done a great deal of research in selecting the best offerings for our customers.  We felt it was critical to meet your needs. There is no longer a cookie cutter answer – rather we have been deliberate in our choosing the best of the best while offering a wide variety of manufactures and all price points to meet your experience needs. 




Here are some examples of our favorites


The rectilinear Nokori freestanding tub creates a clean, minimalist look whether placed in the middle of a room, against a wall, or in an alcove. Offered in five sizes, it can be outfitted with hydrothermal massage, heated backrests, chromatherapy, and Geysair technology, which keeps the water warm longer.


The Underscore oval bath allows users to personalize relaxation with a variety of optional features, such as Bluetooth speakers for playing music and providing sound vibration; air massage; whirlpool massage; a heated surface in the neck, back, and shoulder areas; and chromatherapy.


Pescadero expresses its nautical roots with an undulant shape and rim design. Made of volcanic limestone and resin, the freestanding tub has a gloss white interior and an exterior that is available in six colors. It measures 68 5/8 inches by 29 5/8 inches.