5 Best Tips & Advice to start your project today!

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Time to Start Now to Finish Remodel for the Holidays


Nothing puts your house on display like the holidays. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, housing family for Christmas, or bringing everyone over for a Hanukah celebration, this is the time of year where you’ll be reminded of everything you want to change and fix about your home.

If you dream about having a remodeled kitchen, a new custom shower or entire bathroom renovation for the holidays, now is the time to start planning. Even a moderate remodel takes time to plan and implement.  You’ll need to meet with us, explain your ideas, sign off on a plan, and have the work done.  Today remodelers have a wait list, so it could be an extra month before your remodeling company can even get started.

On Saturday, September 8th at 10:00 am we are hosting a free hands-on seminar to help.  We’ll review the timeline, budget, selection process and more.  It’s very informative and informal.  Bring your questions, ideas and we’ll provide the expertise you are looking for. 

Don’t wait too long, or you could find yourself trying to schedule the remodel right in the middle of the already stressful holiday season!   We would love the opportunity to work with you.

5 best Tips & Advice to start your Project today

  1. Start Today.  We have a work force shortage.  Contractors are the busiest they have ever been.  If you want your remodel done before the holidays, NOW is the time to start.
  2. USE a Qualified designer - for most home remodels are intimidating .  The best way to have the project run smoothly is to work with an experienced designer who can assist with entire process. Our designers know our products, understand the functionality and can simply take the pain out of the process.
  3. Rising Costs.  Tarriff talk is effecting every aspect.  Supplier’s costs are rising. 
  4. Enjoy your Home - update your home for you. Enjoy it.  History shows, the most efficient way to increase your home’s value is by remodeling your bathroom.   By doing it now, you’ll appreciate your home more, which improves the quality of your life.
  5. Life Changers - Little things can make a difference. Updating countertops, hardware, faucets and showerheads can change your life.