Gerhard's is the Title Sponsor for Country Boom 2019 in La Crosse

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Country Boom 2019

La Crosse, Wis. (WXOW) – After a popular inaugural showing this summer, Country Boom is looking ahead to next year and they’ve landed a major sponsor.

Gerhard’s Kitchen and Bath Stores of downtown La Crosse announced that they will play a major role in Country Boom 2019. Staff said it might sound like an odd pairing for an outdoor music festival, but having a local sponsor over a larger outside entity allows them to cater the festival to the community.

“Just the overall expertise and presentation and dealing with water, toiletries, that type of thing…” Country Boom President Jon Holthaus. “There’s a lot of cool ideas that we can kind of bring to the table.”

Outdoor festivals often times will go after large companies like a major beer vendor, but there’s a desire to keep Country Boom more of a regional event.

“We’re not going to make a decision because it earns us more money in the short run, or allows us to get more viability on the national level,” Gerhard’s COO Katie Poehling Seymour said. “We really care what happens in Western Wisconsin.”

To keep numbers manageable, Holthaus suggested there may be a cap on how many can attend the festival at one.

Country Boom 2019 is set for July 11 through 13 at the Maple Grove Venues in West Salem. They expect to announce the line-up in 3-4 weeks.