Top 7 Kitchen & Bath Gifts for Mother's Day

Struggling with gift ideas for Mom?

We all know the struggle. We want to get our Mom something special without getting her the same cliche gifts. Lucky for you, we put together a short gift-guide for the Mom who loves her home. These gifts will easily make you the favorite child. Coincidentally, all of these are available at Gerhard’s!

1. Spruce up her cabinet hardware

She might not want to update her whole kitchen with new cabinets, but new hardware can make a world of difference. Bringing a modern touch to a charming classic can be easy with new hardware.

Emtek Gold Hardware.PNG

2. KOHLER Kitchen Accessories

Your Mom’s kitchen is the epicenter of productivity. She wants it to look clean and sleek but also be functional. That’s exactly what KOHLER’s accessories do. These elegant tools help you organize and optimize your kitchen without compromising style.

3. A New Fantastic faucet for her kitchen/bath

The crown jewel of her master bath. The functional pull-out faucet to help in the kitchen. Change her faucet, change her life.

4. a new whisper-quiet garbage disposal

This is not-so-glamorous gift is something your Mom had no idea she needed. Whether she doesn’t have a disposal to begin with or she needs an upgrade, she’ll love it.


5. Anything Rev-A-Shelf

Rev-A-Shelf if a organizer’s paradise. They have so many of organizational tools that will simplify your life. Many of them she didn’t even know existed, like these!


6. Robern’s Lighted Medicine Cabinets/mirrors

These are absolutely jam-packed with cool features. Whether she’s putting make-up on in the morning or organizing her beauty products, their cabinets are lovely and your mom deserves one.


7. 2-in-1 Shower Head from Delta

Change your shower experience with this easy to install shower head. She can easily get the shampoo out of her hair or hose down the dog all with the same shower head!


Now that you have an idea for a unique gift for Mother’s Day, stop by any of our Gerhard’s locations today! Your Mom deserves something out of the ordinary for her special day and why not improve her lovely home in the process?