Quartz is a Quartz of Course of Course....


No wait...it’s NOT just another quartz.  It’s Cambria.

Yes indeed, our entire management team had the pleasure of touring the Cambria manufacturing and fabrication facilities in Minnesota this past week. Admittedly I was impressed. From the pristine factory conditions to the shared pride exemplified by all, it was testimonial to a premium product.

While I am a huge fan of quartz, I sort of thought of them all as equal. That was…. until I saw the entire process and learned what makes Cambria the preferential choice.  Number one, it’s all mined in North America and proudly made in the USA. Cambria uses white/clear quartz, which is different from its competitors.

It’s an amazing process. More durable than granite, Cambria now comes in 126 colors. The tonality, clarity and depth of designs are obvious and intended. No two slabs created are identical; fraternal twins opposed to identical so to speak.  

With the amount of colors available, it’s safe to say – I think we can find one for your décor. Whether it’s a bath or kitchen you are looking to update, we would love to assist with our expertise in making your design dreams transform into a reality to delight! Come see us today – we have 14 locations to serve you with a new store coming in June to Whitefish Bay, WI. We are sure to find the perfect solution for you.

Make it a great week.

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