Top Kitchen and Bath Trends from KBIS 2019

Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2019

The Kitchen and Bath team had a great week in Vegas, attending the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. All reports indicate KBIS 2019 was the most attended shows in years, and it showed in the crowds vying for the sneak peak at all of the new products coming our way.

Top Trend: Color

The story of the week, was COLOR!  From the purples and violets seen at the Kohler booth to the rose gold and black stainless introductions in plumbing-it was fun to see.  With both Kohler and Axor offering custom finishes on their product, it is clear that people are looking for something more than just the standard metallics and more neutral palette we have been seeing the last few years. 

2019-02 Kohler Plumb Cast Iron Tub (1).jpg
2019-02 Components Ombre (1).jpg
2019-02 Kohler Kitchen Accessories (3).jpg
2019-02 Kohler New Cast Iron Colors (2).jpg

In addition-Black is Back!  In a big way.  Everyone is getting on that train and there are some beautiful looks now in full suites of products. 

2019-02 Moen New Faucets - Matte Black and Chrome - Available Q3 (1).jpg
2019-02 Moen - Hidden Pull-Down Mixed Finish (3).jpg

Two of the K&B tenements are Inspirational Design, and Relevant Resources.  This, to me, is the beauty and the added selling advantage of attending this show.  We were able to see what the best of the best (as well as the imitators) are bringing forward.  This show was able to inspire our teams, as well as to give them the leading edge against our competition on knowing what is coming, so we are better able to serve our clients. 

Sexy stone

New Cambria Stone colors and back-lit stone!


Return of Robern

Robern’s new kitchen lineup along with a sculpted mirror that mimics a picture frame.


Magnificent MOEN

Moen’s new shower system atomizes water to conserve in style.


Delta Faucet Highlights

Alexa controlled faucets, shower columns, glass rinsers, hydro-powered shower head lights oh my!


New technology in many forms from the Bold Look Of KOHLER.

Top Kitchen and Bath Trends from KIBS 2018: Fixtures, Faucets & Cabinetry

KBIS?  What the heck is KBIS?

KBIS is the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. It’s the largest show in North America. It is held annually and for the last 7 or so years; It is held in conjunction with IBS, the International Builder Show. Now together under one roof, IBS and KBIS comprise Design and Construction Week with a mix of practical and sexy products in a range from self-cleaning toilets to the newest mouth watering collections from Ann Sacks Tile.  This year the major show was held in Orlando. FL with over 125,000 people were on attendance.


It really is back! Brass and Gold shine with finesse.

Gold & Bold.png
Vanity Mirror Combo.jpg
Gold Faucet.png
Black Vanity.jpg
Brizo Vanity Gold Faucet.JPG

Ombré isn’t just for hair. Kohler has introduced Rosegold & Titanium combo!


Twist on terrazzo

Tantalizing spots offering a whole new perspective on this gorgeous material.


Best in Design

Kallista 3 dimensional grid

Truly stunning when you consider the water flow engineering. Pause and think about. Right?

Black Kallista Faucet.jpg

Shield Spray from delta

Lessons the splash factor and targets those hard to get off spots. 


Thought Vessels were over? 

Well they are more bold and beautiful than ever. #kohlerdutchmaster blooms with envy.

Artist Edition.png

Art comes alive #kohlerartfulliving

Artist Edition 2.png

hip to be square

Wall hung toilets have great appeal.

Square toilet.png

Pick a color! 

Every Finish is in vogue. What’s your favorite? 

Multi color.png

Not your grandma's aprons!

Aprons are HOT. Good for every style. Elkay is now providing options.

Think you may get tired of BLUE?  No problem!  Five minutes and few hundred dollars that can easily be changed to another option.


Wall hung toilets

Simply Stated – not just for commercial use. It’s sizzling hot for residential. Easy to clean, looks great, very modern. 

Top Kitchen and Bath Trends from KIBS 2017: Fixtures, Faucets & Cabinetry

Gerhard’s Kitchen & Bath Store team is back from Orlando where we saw the latest developments and soon-to-be-available products in kitchen and bath at the annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS). There is a lot to talk about so we’re breaking down our summary into the top most impressive items and with a look at what’s trending in fixtures, faucets and cabinetry.  

After three days of walking 37,812 steps via my BellaBeat, here’s my summary for 2017 Trends.


Colors - Black & Blue

Faucets, Appliances, Cabinets, Sinks – its happening. Black stainless steel is on the up-and-up in the kitchen as designers and consumers look for an alternative to the dominating stainless steel. The appliance brands that have jumped on board this year developed warmer blacks that at once look cutting edge yet neutral enough to suit transitional or traditional kitchens.



Faucets, appliance trim and hardware

You’re going to see even more finish options for faucets and handles in both kitchen and bath. We’ve already seen gold and bronze make a comeback in recent years, but now we are seeing the growing rose-gold and bronze tones as more manufacturers are hopping on this train, and some are going in a direction that’s a little warmer or less shiny. Viking even had a black oven with rose gold trim!   In addition to these hues, there’s a rise in gunmetal and matte-black finishes. The black was seen everywhere by every manufacturer.  


Must have proper lighting

Not a new trend, but certainly on the rise, LED-integrated mirrors are being offered by most everyone as they allow for a cleaner look in bathrooms. Wall sconces, bath light bars and ceiling fixtures aren’t necessarily going away, but people are beginning to consider how impractical overhead, too-high-up or too-far-on-the-sides light placement is for grooming purposes (due to shadows cast on the face). In case this is new to you….Side lighting is the best for seeing the real you and applying makeup.

Proper Lighting is critical. It’s getting better and better!  Special note – if you are remodeling your bathroom and plan to enjoy your bathroom after the age of 50, we strongly recommend putting in a wall mounted lit magnifying mirror at 10x. You won’t regret it.


Wanted: Master BathROOMS Want their Tub Back

Free Standing Tubs
One of several new freestanding bathtubs Kohler showcased at KBIS, Ceric is a minimalist vessel with some subtle lines and details that give it a modern crafts look. Though, we think its silhouette has the potential to become a timeless design, much like the egg tub.


gone are the days ... don't mix electricity & water!

Custom Showers using digital valves. All the big players now offer a digital valve. You can even operate from your phone. Imagine lying in bed on a cold winter morning and using your phone to turn on your shower! As the demand for custom showers grows so does the digital valve. The latest is the Moen U, very intuitive and easier to use then its competitors. Using a digital valve takes up far less shower wall space offering a nice clean clutter free look. In addition, it operates multiple ports and, serves water at your desired temperature. 


It's Raining Again!

Rain heads – well now there’s a Real Rain
Possibly Kohler’s best attraction this year, Real Rain is geared toward luxury spa-style baths, providing a sensory experience like no other. One need only observe the running shower to see the difference in water flow compared with other rainshower systems: Real Rain’s 775 concave nozzles slowly start and build the “rainstorm,” perfectly mimicking the different-sized and almost random droplets encountered in nature. For those wanting a downpour, the touch of a button easily switches the shower to a “deluge” function, which releases streams of water from the reservoir with more pressure. It’s pretty cool.  One thing to note, if you do install a rain head, do NOT make that your sole showerhead. Rain heads offer an awesome experience but women still want a shower head coming from the wall to get that shampoo out and don’t want water coming straight from the ceiling….we prefer it at an angle!


Not your moma's medicine cabienet!

Storage for the kitchen and the bath. Medicine cabinets, kitchen islands double use as an office and filing cabinet. Wine, Utensils and so much more. 


Stainless Steel Steam Combination Oven The must have in all kitchens

A marriage of high-tech with elements of both modern and classic design, this new built-in combination steam oven boasts a more compact width at 24 inches and an elegant stainless steel finish that’s fingerprint-proof. Other features include ergonomic control knobs, a digital LED display, child safety lock and 10 cooking modes including a pizza-cooking function.


Countertops - Quarts and more quartz

So many colors & patterns to chose from.  One non quartz favorite – was the dry erase from Markerboard Formica. This durable, high gloss, dry-erase surface cleans up instantly, making it ideal for offices, classrooms, and other work / play environments. Available in countertops and walls. You can draw and it all comes right off. Gone with the chalkboard - in with the whiteboard!



Wall hung toilets

Simply Stated – not just for commercial use. It’s sizzling hot for residential. Easy to clean, looks great, very modern.