Designing Your Dream Shower

with KOHLER Design Consultant Keith Rothstein

Choreograph by Kohler

What can someone expect from a design consultation?
We encourage people to come in at any point in the process. So, even if you’re just beginning to think about a new shower, come in. We can show you what’s possible. I like to start by going over your wish list – what’s the dream? How do you want to feel in the shower? How do you want it to look? We can take you from inspiration through floor plan considerations to choosing products.

What shower experiences should people be thinking about?
Technology has opened the door to a whole new world of experiences in the shower. Often people don’t realize that it’s possible to have not only water but also music, steam and lighting all working together in the shower. It’s really like having a spa treatment at home.

And spray innovations have introduced such a wide range of water delivery options that people can choose how they want to feel – energized or relaxed – and design experiences to achieve those sensations. I help clients find the best fit.

How do you help people choose a style?
We talk about their style preferences in other areas to help us zero in on a general area of modern or traditional. From there, we look at the products themselves so clients can touch and see the different details up close. I go into color palette preferences as well, so we can choose finishes that makes sense in the overall space.

Are there any shower products you recommend right now?
For anyone who wants the beauty of tile or stone without the cost and difficulty, I highly recommend Choreograph® shower walls. People love the way it looks, being able to customize storage, and not having to deal with grout.

Keith Rothstein is a KOHLER® Signature Store Senior Project Consultant in Edina, Minnesota. His design background includes over 15 years in plumbing and tile expertise.