Getting Started with Technology in your Kitchen & Bath

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How to get smart in your Kitchen & Bath.

Putting smart devices in your home can be intimidating for some people. They may not know how easy it can be to set up or what exactly the device can do. The smart home world is growing more now than ever and it is so easy to get into. With entry level items like a smart socket or Amazon Alexa to more advanced systems like lighting groups and security systems, there truly is a price point for every type of consumer. If your a little wary about getting into a smart product, here are a few tips and available kitchen & bath products to get you started.

  1. The U by Moen Shower Controller

    This is one of the smartest and intuitive products we carry. The controller is Alexa compatible and also has an app for your phone along with the wall mounted digital controller. With these three avenues to control your shower, you really have the flexibility to start, control & pause your shower wherever you are either with your voice or your phone.


    • “Alexa, start post-workout shower” - It will set your shower to the exact temperature you programmed and then alert you when it’s ready.

    • Different programmable presets for different people in your home.

    • If you get hung up with the kids or otherwise after you’ve already started it, just call out, “Alexa, pause my shower”

2. Smart Faucets - Moen Motionsense, Delta Touch2.0 & Delta ShieldSpray

The kitchen is getting smarter and more convenient with every new product rolled out recently. Some of the best in class with setting the technology trends is Moen & Delta. Moen’s Motionsense technology allows you to never touch the faucet if you don’t want to. It is available to have two motion activation spots that you simply wave a hand, pot, knife or puppy in front of it and it turns on. This works spectacular when you have messy or full hands.

Delta offers a more tactile approach to turning on your faucet. You can touch anywhere on the faucet and it will turn on or off. You can tap it with your elbow when your hands are dirty from cooking.

Delta also offers a neat new spray feature to some of their faucets. The ShieldSpray technology allows you to spray down your dishes without it splashing all over you and the sink. The water pressure is still present which helps get off the tougher dirt, but the shield is soft enough to keep the water in the sink.

3. Cabinet & Countertop Accessories

  • Power tower - We carry this neat accessory that can be installed in any type of counter to give your device wielding family power at all times. It’s especially convenient due to it's dual integrated USB ports, so you don’t need to chase down those pesky power bricks.

  • Self Contained Toe-Kick Vacuum - This is for the home that does not have central vac, but wants the convenience of the vacuum in the kitchen. It’s all self contained, so you just change out the bag when it gets full!

4. Robern Vanities, Mirrors & Medicine Cabinets

Robern offers an array of bathroom products that truly make life easier and more enjoyable. They took a look at what most peoples bathroom look like and they found one thing across the board: Clutter. There are so many features and benefits jam packed into these that you have to go check them out on their website or in our store! Here are a few:

  • Integrated Lighting for tasking - available at different lighting temperatures

  • Electrical outlets and USB ports

  • Magnetic storage strip to keep small items organized

  • Magnifying mirror that can be removed and carried

  • Bluetooth audio system with invisible speakers

And finally, KOHLER KONNECT…

Need we say more?