The Ultimate Bathing Experience


As a guest of BainUltra, I had the pleasure of visiting this incredible 400 year old French speaking city.  To my delight the city was breathtakingly beautiful. The people were insanely nice and warmly polite. It was as though every person I encountered was a brand ambassador for the city.   

People stopped to open doors for each other. People in customs lines moved for each other as if to say, “no you first”. Everyone smiled to each other on the streets. I heard the term “merci beaucoup” so frequently; I still can’t get it out of my head. Any idea where I was? The food was over the top and the sights were packed with history. This place, now one of my favorite North American cities is Quebec City – home to BainUltra.

The premise of the trip was a factory tour to learn more about the BainUltra line. My career in plumbing has allowed me the privilege to participate in many factory tours, too many to count. I assumed this would be another trip like all the others. I was wrong. This trip was a standout that will stay with me forever. In our beloved USA, we seem to have reached a point of excessiveness, resulting increased stress. We simply don’t stop to smell the roses. BainUltra represents the appreciation for our stressful lives and has built a well-appointed platform for a "Come and enjoy relaxation, health and a well-being experience. Take a moment... find time to thinkfeelcontemplate and celebrate the things that make you feel alive. Don’t wait any longer; don’t let life pass you by.”

Their bath tubs have the amenities to support their conviction. They also provide a bathing experience in the hotel where they have you stay. The luxury of time spent enjoying a bathing experience is built into the schedule. It’s not optional. In the world of multitasking, endless deadlines and chaos, it was a delight to have this planned into the day. 

Years ago – I was a bath person. In the cold frigid winters I would enjoy a hot bath before bedtime to warm me up. Sadly, I had gotten away from this ritual. This experience proved to be far more beneficial than I dreamed. My room had an amazing BainUltra therapeutic bath. Using the “Calm” essential oils… I was literally swept away to solitude and peace. My aching knee and right hand that had bothered me for the past two months, entered into pure relaxation. The pain literally vanished as result from the water therapy. The heated back kept me warm and the water temperature never dropped. No need to add any hot water. It simply maintained the heat just as when I entered. I even used the chromo-therapy option enjoying the dance of colors enveloping my mood. This two night experience made me realize I was living a far too busy life. It was exhilarating to take time for myself.  It was 20 minutes of pure bliss and mindless thoughts – a haven for the soul. 

I have reflected on this experience so much that I now have a commitment to spend 20 minutes with myself daily. No distractions. Oh and one more thing, I’m now debating which bathroom to remodel so I can order my very own BainUltra bath so I can elevate the experience daily. Why? Because I deserve it. I encourage you to do the same. Grant yourself a well-deserved 20 minutes and enjoy your time with just you, yourself. It could be gardening, snow blowing, resting…or it could be the ultimate relaxing bathing experience in a BainUltra bath. You’ll be glad you did. Profiter du présent (Seize the Day).

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