Sales Design Consultant

My Story: 
I came from working as Makeup Artist for 7 years, then changed paths to saving animals. All along design was my passion/hobby. I was fortunate enough to take this position and finally make it my career. I see the the beauty in everything. I look past all the unwanted and envision something of what it could be. I can bring out the beauty or even create it from a blank canvas.

My Favorite Part of My Job: 
Building relationships and making every part of the design experience enjoyable, positive and stress free.

What Set's Me Apart: 
My creative eye, having fun in everything I do, having the ability to make everyone around me feel comfortable. Understanding peoples needs to make their dreams come true. I love learning and set myself at a higher standard.

I love spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy my free time traveling and volunteering at the humane society. I love trying new things, challenging myself, and meeting my goals. I make sure that everything I do I'm laughing and enjoying my life to the fullest. My hobbies include fitness, DIY projects, make up, fashion and of course making everything beautiful!