Lighting Manager


Years In Design: 1

My Story: 
I actually started in marketing and had been doing that for about four & a half years before I was offered a position in lighting. I come from a creative background so I saw the opportunity as a fun, new way to utilize my creative skill set.

My Favorite Part of My Job: 
Hearing back from customers that they love the product we spent time picking out for them.

What Set's Me Apart: 
I can get along with anyone and remember people very easily. I've had several customers, not just during my lighting career, who have commented on how impressed they I are that I can remember so much about them. Whether it's a small detail or a big life event, I always try to remember personal details as often as possible because it shows a different level of customer service.

My Passions/Hobbies:
I enjoy baking, gardening, reading, spending time at home with my husband & dogs, visiting friends and family. I also mentor a young girl through Big Brothers Big Sisters and have been paired with her for over 5 years now.