Sales Design Consultant

Years In Design: 4

My Story: 
Katie’s background is extremely diverse, but it all started with her family's business & a shared love of architecture; she grew up in a Geodesic Dome, so her passion for modern influence runs deep! She’s taken a few different paths over the years, and while her formal education is not design related, she truly believes that everything happens for a reason. Her journey to get here has given her an even deeper appreciation for the work that she do.

My Favorite Part of My Job: 
She loves meeting with new clients & discovering what makes each of them unique!

What Set's Me Apart: 
Her past experience in non-profit roles, as well as high-end fashion sales, offers a unique outlook that has served her really well in the design world, especially in a customer-focused atmosphere like Gerhard's.

My Passions/Hobbies:
Her and her husband love to travel and spend as much time as they can with thier dog, Oliver, who enjoys hiking, kayaking & going on adventures! She’s also an avid book lover, dancer & fashion/home design enthusiast.




Master & guest bathroom Remodel

Pink bathroom:
Ann Sacks, Barbara Barry Frame, Hexagon, mix of Matte & Gloss (chair rail walls)
Alys Edwards, Vida Dolce, Calacatta 12x24 (floor & shower)

Blue Bathroom:
Ann Sacks, Danielle Calacatta Borghini 3x6 subway (shower walls & apron)
Ann Sacks, Liaison, Mulholland, mix of Calacatta Borghini & Athens Silver (floor)