Sales Design Consultant

Specialty: Cabinet Design and Plumbing

Years In Design: 13

Design Education: BA in Interior Design From Sullivan University, Louisville, KY

Awards: 3rd place in Sullivan Interior Design Award in 2005

My Story: 
"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." -Antoine De Saint Exupery

I have been doing interior design since my earliest memories of playing house with my sister in our back yard. Space planning and organization has led me to want to make peoples dreams of beauty into reality. Creating perfection is my end goal.

My Favorite Part of My Job: 
My Favorite part of working at Gerhard's is being able work one on one to create the perfect space with the client

Something that sets me apart: 
What sets me apart is my passion for design that grows everyday. I take the clients vision and turn it into a practical space for their everyday life. My motto of design is to incorporate all aspects of style and function to create a timeless space. I believe no one should have to settle for beauty without function and organization.

My Passions/Hobbies:
My passion is having a minimalist lifestyle and practicing small space organization. I take pride in living simply and creatively. I love gardening and cooking with my husband (who's a chef).



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