Outside Builder Sales

Specialty: Supplying Dream Kitchens

My Story: 
I have been involved in supplying contractors house packages for over 14 years. From foundation to finish, I know what needs to go into a project and detailed on timelines. I will be able to help Builders look at a total Kitchen project and add input to create their clients dream space.

My Favorite Part of My Job: 
Seeing an idea on paper and what the finished product transforms into.

Something that sets me apart: 
I have been working in the building or remodeling industry, as a carpenter or supplier, since I was 10. Starting with my dad on his remodeling jobs, I learned the value of a good work ethic and have carried that throughout the years. I bring my work ethic to my builders today, making their jobs less stressful.

My Passions/Hobbies:
Working with wood, building things, spending time with my family and watching movies.